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Age: 24

From: Dublin, Ireland

Studying: MA History of Art

Hi I’m Lenny. I’m the oldest housemate so I feel like I have a responsibility to look after the others. I didn’t feel like I was finished after my BA in Arts & Humanities, so decided to stick around at uni with a Master's.

When I’ve got free time I’m all about music - I collect vinyl records and am trying to learn to play the guitar, but it’s not as easy as I thought! I also love travelling and exploring new cultures and countries.

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Age: 19

From: Glasgow, Scotland

Studying: BA Psychology

Hi I’m Abbey. I’m the youngest in the house. I really miss my family in Scotland and my best mate Benji the Cockapoo - Mum and Dad are looking after him while I’m at uni. Luckily I manage to catch the train home regularly to see them.

In my spare time I love running and also spending time with friends chilling at the park, especially when the sun’s out!

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Age: 21

From: Shanghai, China

Studying: BA Political Studies

Hi, I’m Chen. I love socialising and spending time with friends. I’m a real animal lover.

When I’m not cooking tasty vegetarian meals for the other housemates, or spending time outdoors, you’ll probably find me with my head in a good fiction novel - political thrillers are my favourite!

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Age: 20

From: Oxfordshire, England

Studying: BSc Medicine

Hey I’m James. I’ve always had an interest in biology and I’m hoping to become a doctor one day. I’d ideally like to specialise in neurology in the long term. When I’m not studying I’m usually playing or watching sport. I play for the uni football team every Saturday morning.

I do struggle with mild dyslexia, but am proud to say I don’t let this get in the way, and have now become a writer for the uni newsletter. Chill time means a pint or three at the student union bar with my mates.

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Age: 20

From: Coventry, England

Studying: BEng Automotive Engineering

Hey I’m Nita. I’ve always loved science and I’d love to work for a top automotive manufacturer. I’m passionate about the environment, and really interested in electric vehicle technologies and how they will help to create a cleaner world.

I’ve got a big family that don’t live too far away, so I see them quite a bit at weekends. When I’ve got some free time I love exploring and taking pictures for my social channels - my followers are growing fast!