Safari themed student safety messages

Safari themed student safety messages

Have you seen our safari themed student safety messages being circulated on campuses across the West Midlands and on social media?
Looking for a new student property?

Looking for a new student property?

If you're looking for a new property, use our easy housing checklist to make sure it 'ticks all the boxes' (literally)
Keep safe on campus

Keep safe on campus

University campuses are often easily accessible to the public meaning potential criminals can gain access to pretty much all but the most restricted areas.


Mark Wightman - Birmingham City University
David Dargie  - University of Birmingham
Tracey Pickering
Fiona Jay - University of Warwick
Ian Ledworth
Andrew Fox - University of Warwick
Abdul Hye
Emma Holmes – University College Birmingham
Dave Manning - University of Coventry
Jeanette Partridge - University of Coventry


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